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Finally a complete Association Management Technology SOLUTION from a company that is trusted by over 1,300 associations.  No more dealing with multiple vendors in regards to your web site, your database and your email. No more dealing with your bank for credit cards, or a separate online payment processor.  You don't even have to deal with a web hosting company or a domain name registrar.  Why? Because Members360° includes it all.

With Members360°, all web site content and member information is centralized in a single database and automatically updated each time a member visits your website and updates their information, registers for an event, receives an email, pays an invoice and much more.

Affiniscape offers four versions of Members360® to help meet your technology and budget needs. Find the version that is right for your association.

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What makes Affiniscape uniquely different?

We're not just a technology company, we think of ourselves as a sales and marketing company as well (and offer products and services to prove it).  Our vision is to create stronger associations through technology and the connecting of ideas and efforts at the state and local level.

To do this, we've created a new initiative called the Industry Alliance.  This is where Affiniscape brings together associations in the same industry that share similar tasks but go about those tasks differently (why is that?).  The Industry Alliance is designed to get you all talking to one another about best practices and sharing ideas that will collectively improve your business processes by helping us to design better technology.  What I'm talking about is building the missing features you all need at little or no extra cost.  We call those missing features the 20%.

Considering that 80% of what you all do is exactly the same, we want to help you work together to solve the 20% that is unique to your industry.  It's this 20% that drives you all crazy and is expensive to build on your own.  Through the Industry Alliance, working together to develop business processes will lead to specific functionality being developed that you all need as a group.  It's the 20%!  Reducing the burden of the 20% has an added benefit...which is enhancing the 80%... because now each association can immediately leverage the ideas of their peers because you're all using the same technology.

No matter what the 20% is, it becomes such a burden that the 80% doesn't matter...not matter how good it is.  Associations then go off and try to find another company that can address the 20% only to find that the 80% is not as good as what they had.  So, two years down the road, you're looking again.

The goal is for each association in the Industry Alliance to have technology that does 100% of what you need, at a price you can afford.

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